Congratulations to all the athletes and helpers from match one! The team came 2nd in our first fixture, just 0.5 points short of first 🙁 

We want to keep this great start to the 2017 season going, and push for that promotion this year.

Please register yourself for 2017’s Second Match, you can do this by clicking on ‘Athlete Registration’ and filling out the short form.

If you or your family are able to help officiate on the day please let us know, help would be greatly appreciated!

Any issues or questions please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page for a list of ways to get in touch. Good luck with the 2017 season and we hope to see you at the SAL competitions.

U17’s please be advised you are only eligible to compete in a maximum of 4 events, one of which must be a relay. Under 17’s are defined by being at least 15 years old on 31st August 2017.

U20’s please be advised you are only eligible to compete in a maximum of 5 events.

Competitors in the throwing and horizontal jumps shall have three attempts each with the top four scoring athletes having a further three attempts.

The opening height in the High Jump and Pole Vault will be the minimum height requested by the competitors or available with the equipment, but the second height will be:

High Jump: Match 1, 3, 5: Men 1.20m and Women 1.00m; Match 2, 4: Men 1.23m and Women 1.03m.

Pole Vault: Divisions 1&2: Match 1, 3, 5: Men 1.90m and Women 1.70m; Match 2, 4: Men 1.95m and Women 1.75m. Division 3: Match 1, 3, 5: Men 1.40m and Women 1.20m; Match 2, 4: Men 1.45m and Women 1.25m.

All heights will then be in increments of 5cm for High Jump and 20cm (men)/10cm (women) for Pole Vault until there are just 3 competitors remaining.